Tavio Roxo

Tavio Roxo

Co-founder and CEO of OWLS™ Software


Tavio is the co-founder and CEO of OWLS™ Software. OWLS™ Software is a leading insurance tech company in South Africa providing a cloud-based end-to-end administration platform for short term and life business’s.

Tavio draws from years of experience in the insurance legal and insurance industry, his expertise and insights have given him the foundation to run OWLS™ and successfully deliver a service that ultimately helps its clients to operate their business cheaper and with economies of scale.

Tavio Roxo and the OWLS™ Software team are challenging the outdated industry norms with updated insurance software. OWLS™ Software’s mission is clear: to design and develop Supercool automation-rich software that allows a client utilising the software to be the master of their own destiny.

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